Fees and Pet Insurance


We understand that some people will find veterinary fees difficult to afford. We do everything we can to keep our fees affordable, without compromising the quality of care that we offer to your pets. Please contact the clinic for our fees. We accept cash, eftpos, credit card (including American Express), Openpay makes buy now, pay later, payment plans available. You do not need to hold and manage another credit or store card. You do however need an existing Visa or Mastercard to use Openpay. www.openpay.com.au.  We offer Vetpay, you need to apply online www.vetpay.com.au

We do not offer accounts. All fees must be paid in full at the time of service, including consultations or on discharge after surgery or hospitalisation.



Quality pet insurance is now available at affordable rates. Having your pets insured takes away the worry if your loved one is unexpectedly ill or involved in an accident. Most policies also cover routine care. It is important for you to do your research.

What does pet insurance cover?

Individual packages vary in the type of treatment covered. However, they usually include most accidents and unexpected illnesses.

You need to consider the differences between policies, in particular the claim excess amount, proportion of treatment costs covered, annual claim limit, age restrictions, pre-existing illness exclusions and policy costs.