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Puppy Pre-school

Beach Street Veterinary Clinic does not have the facilities to run a puppy school.  However, Jenny Wilcox of Paw Behaviour is avaliable you can find all the information at
Why Puppy School?
You have from birth to 12 weeks to expose your new puppy to different sounds, smells, experiences, people, handling, other animals, and road traffic etc - not very much time! What your puppy experiences during this period provides the foundation for future behaviour.
Problem behaviours such as fear of noise, dogs and people are more likely to occur if your puppy has not experienced the world before 12 weeks of age. Paw Behaviour puppy school provides education for puppy owners and an opportunity for your puppy to learn to socialise appropriately. Well managed 'free play' for puppies encourages shy puppies to become confident around other dogs and people, and bossy puppies learn manners!
Raising a puppy is hard work and requires a conscientious effort to ensure a well mannered and socialised dog. Puppies can, and should, commence training between 8 and 12 weeks of age - the sooner the better! Small classes of only 6 in each group ensure you and your puppy receive the attention and instruction you deserve.
Puppies learn:
Good bite inhibition - not to bite other dogs too hard
Manners around people and other dogs
How to sit, lie down and stay
To accept grooming and handling
Tricks that are fun and useful behaviours
To walk on a lead
You will learn:
To teach your puppy to respond to its name
How to toilet train your puppy
How to prevent and solve simple behavioural problems - such as jumping, barking & biting
What to do when your puppy is scared

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